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The Batting Order – Not A Rating System

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The batting order for a baseball team is not a rating or ranking scale of the best hitters to the worst hitters.  Players and parents often look at the lineup as a promotion or demotion based on performance.  A knowledgeable baseball coach will always try to seek a balanced lineup. Next time your having trouble accepting where you or your son is hitting in the lineup, keep this batting order in mind.

1.  Speed – Runs well enough to be a threat on the base paths.

2.  Contact – Puts the ball in play.

3.  Consistent – Uses the entire field with a consistent approach and swing.

4.  RBI Potential – Can hit for extra bases (not necessarily homeruns)   

5.  RBI Potential – Can hit for extra bases (not necessarily homeruns)

6.  Speed – Lineups starts over again with speed and base stealing potential

7.  Contact – Puts the ball in play

8.  Consistent – Uses the entire field but may be better with fastballs than off-speed.

9.  Speed/RBI Potential – Bunting and base stealing threat or RBI potential hitting extra bases.


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