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Every Minor League Roster

You always hear stories about life in the minor leagues.  Those stores wouldn’t be epic without the characters involved.  Have you ever wondered what types of personalities make up a minor league roster and coaching staff?  Well, wonder no more.  Below is a list of players and coaches that are sure to be playing in a minor league park near you.

It takes all kinds to make the baseball world go around…

  1. The Barber
  2. The All Night Partier
  3. The Card Shark
  4. The Super Christian
  5. The Redneck
  6. The Book Nerd
  7. The Crossword Puzzle Guy
  8. The Guitarist
  9. The Womanizer
  10. The Womanizers Sidekick
  11. The Massive Dip Guy
  12. The Toilet Bomber AKA The Massive Dip Guy
  13. The “Check Me Out” Guy AKA Eye Wash Guy
  14. The Try to be Gangsta Guy
  15. The MLB Tattoo Guy
  16. The Gym Rat
  17. The Stat Rat
  18. The Riddle Guy
  19. The Don’t Come Near Me When I do Bad Guy AKA Low Five Ignorer
  20. The Video Gamer
  21. The Latin Dancer During BP Guy
  22. The Never Double Up On The Bus Guy.
  23. The Salty Vet
  24. The Training Room Junky
  25. The Spread Killer

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