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Consistency Brings Results

Consistency and Confidence go hand in hand.

The more we know about something and can see the consistency in it, the more confident we are about the outcome.  There are several players that ride the roller coaster of confidence throughout the season not knowing why they did well or why they struggled. Lasting confidence in baseball does NOT come from results.  Let me say that one more time, LASTING confidence does NOT come from results.   The players that ride that roller coaster are looking for results to build confidence.  That is how the ride begins,  showing up to games and hoping it goes well.  Stepping in the batters box and hoping to get a hit.  Standing on the mound and hoping to do better than last time.  So where does confidence come from?  Well it comes from a few different sources all pointing towards a specific goal.   First, we need to understand the consistent factors around us as well as the inconsistent factors.  For example, if  player is hitting off the tee in a cage and just trying to make good contact, he is hoping for results to build confidence.  So on a good hit, hes happy and on a bad hit he’s upset and so on and so forth.  If that same hitter where to step into the cage with a better understanding of what is consistent around him and a specific goal, then confidence builds naturally.  By putting the tee in a specific spot (consistency) and trying to hit a specific spot in the cage (consistency and goal) , the hitter is able to work his repetitions until he consistently meets his goal.  Once he starts to feel consistent in that equation, confidence starts to sky rocket.   Whether in your practices or games, focus on your goals and put in the work to become consistent.



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