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Baseball Anecdotes

6 Characteristics of Natural Team Leaders in Youth Sports.

Every team in youth sports has a few standout athletes.  Usually those players are blessed with natural talent and playing ability but do they have what it takes to be a leader of the team?  Below are 6 characteristics of team leaders in sports.  Some of the best leaders are not always the most physically gifted but they are usually ...

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Carving Out A Path.

Maryland Community News Published: Wednesday, August 7, 2013 From the bottom, St. Mary’s Ryken graduate Roberts has reached incredible heightsBy ALEX KUHN Special to The Enterprise MichaelShort was 14 years old. He leaned against the fence of the St. Mary’s Ryken High School tennis courts. It was cut day for his JV baseball team.As a short, shaggy-haired teenager, Roberts was ...

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Why We Play Baseball

I spent yesterday working with my 84 year old dad as we repaired the steps leading up to my screened in porch.  It was a day of talking baseball.  My dad has skin cancer, just had a huge portion of his ears cut off due to the cancer and is covered all over his body.  He is going to have ...

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Mound Presence – Come Get You Some

Every pitcher at some point or another “loses it” on the mound.  It might be after an umpire calls a ball on a great pitch or after one of your teammates botches a routine ground ball or pop up.  Sometimes on the mound we just don’t have our best stuff and get lit up like a Christmas tree.  Let the ...

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8 Ways Baseball Etiquette Changes When You “Go Pro”

Think you might sign a professional contract one day?  It’s best you get these 8 things right so you don’t look so rookie-ish.       – You no longer refer to anyone as “Coach”. Your “coaches” go by their first name, last name, nickname, or skip. – No more sprinting to or from the dugout to the batters box. (A ...

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Up and In – Down and Out…

What goes through the mind of a pitcher prior to hitting (on accident) one of the best hitters to ever play the game?  Well, let me tell you what went through mine before, during, and after. In 2004 I was a rookie at the young age of 28.  I had fought my way through the minor leagues and was making ...

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A Baseball Story

It was early fall 1994, I had just moved to Mesa, Arizona to pursue a college life filled with baseball and whatever shenanigans that might come.  Mesa was not my first choice in schools but a high school buddy talked me into going with him and trying out for the baseball team-so off we went.  We locked down a two ...

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How To Get A Good Grip On The Baseball.

Let me first start by saying that this article is not intended to show pitchers how to cheat.  This is simply information for pitchers to use if they chose to do so.  I have used seen these “tricks” and they do provide a better grip on the baseball. As a pitcher that has pitched across the globe, I have noticed ...

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Is it possible to plan your baseball future?

Everybody loves a good game plan.  Put all our ducks in a row and just knock em down one at a time.   Make the youth team, make the all-star team, make the freshman/JV team, make varsity, get a scholarship, get drafted in the first round, spend a couple days in the minor leagues, get called up, dominate in the ...

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Call To The Bullpen

You see them at every game, whether it’s college, minor league, or the big leagues. That group of mysterious baseball players tucked away in a holding pen waiting their turn to make a grand entrance onto the field.  Lets breakdown this unique group and get to know them a little better. There are roughly seven relievers in each bullpen.  The ...

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