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What Is Your Players Learning Method?

How a player accepts and responds to coaching commands will impact the rate at which he develops. In baseball, there are roughly three ways of communicating with players based on their personalities. They are easily remembered as Joke, Stroke, and Poke. Coaches can sometimes get stuck in their own “coaching style” which may work for players that speak that language ...

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Every Minor League Manager, Coach, and Trainer

Every minor league roster needs a supporting cast of characters. The managers, coaches, and trainers are the glue that keeps the team together for the long, long summer season. Below are some of the basic requirements for each staff member. Manager requirements Must be able to fully cross legs while tilting to one side. If you workout, over do it ...

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The Key To The Batter’s Box

Finding the “key to the batter’s box “ is a journey that only the most determined seekers will endure. The truth is that I can’t help you find them I can only tell you where to start your journey. Next time you’re at a college, minor or major league baseball game ask any member of the bullpen or dugout where ...

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I play well in practice but not in games?

Why do you if your a player, or your child if your a parent, do so well in practice but can’t carry it into the game? For many players, practice provides an opportunity to relax from the pressure to perform and just let loose with their skills. Players that thrive in a non-game atmosphere are usually focused on accomplishing small ...

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What To Know When Looking For A Private Baseball Instructor

4 Week Velocity

It’s a very good possibility that parents reading this article most likely did not receive personal, private, or individual instruction as a child. It is also unlikely that you ever took a speed and agility class or spent your school nights throwing weights around and downing supplements to increase your velocity, bat speed, or pop time.  In reality, when we look back it ...

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Pitching Misconceptions

Learn more about effective pitching by debunking these common misconceptions 1.  Pitch name vs. Pitch action. There can be a big discrepancy between the name of a pitch and its actual intended action.  For instance, a “sinker” is the same as a two seam fastball.  When thrown properly, a two seam fastball will tail and tilt downward as it reaches ...

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Every Minor League Roster

You always hear stories about life in the minor leagues.  Those stores wouldn’t be epic without the characters involved.  Have you ever wondered what types of personalities make up a minor league roster and coaching staff?  Well, wonder no more.  Below is a list of players and coaches that are sure to be playing in a minor league park near you. It takes ...

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Winning At Baseball, and Winning At Life

A few years back current St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny, wrote a letter to the parents of his youth baseball team.  It should be a must read for anyone involved with youth sports.  We present the letter in full, and should remind ourselves it’s not just teaching kids how to win baseball games, but also how to win at ...

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Consistency Brings Results

Parents Coaching Sons

Consistency and Confidence go hand in hand. The more we know about something and can see the consistency in it, the more confident we are about the outcome.  There are several players that ride the roller coaster of confidence throughout the season not knowing why they did well or why they struggled. Lasting confidence in baseball does NOT come from ...

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