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Arm Sore After Pitching?

There are several factors that play a role in why arm soreness occurs in pitchers. Lets get a few out on the table before we talk about one important preventive measure we can take to help alleviate and hopefully eliminate the ache.

Arm soreness may be caused by:

– Making throws with an abbreviated throwing motion while playing other positions.

– Mechanical breakdown in pitching delivery, putting extra work-load on the throwing arm.

– Pitch counts being too high with little rest between outings.

– Not warming up properly or very little time to warm up prior to pitching.

– Other activities non-baseball related prior to playing baseball that require the use of the throwing arm.

Youth pitchers are usually required play multiple positions and it is often the throws from other positions that puts stress on their throwing arm. Players mostly complain about arm soreness after pitching because that is when its more noticeable. One major adjustment that players can make to help manage their arm issues is to follow a consistent throwing program. Training your throwing arm is like training a dog. You must provide consistency in training if you expect it to respond. If a pitcher follows a throwing program with consistency, his arm will learn the repeated patterns and routine then ultimately build strength and durability. Whereas, if a pitcher throws randomly to warm up, his arm never has a chance to build strength due to the lack of consistency.

Coaches, build a throwing program that is based on good throwing positions and consistent with the number of throws. A good throwing program will consist of a pitchers conditioning program as well. Parents, encourage your sons to treat their throwing arms as a muscle they are training, not for strength but for responsiveness. Players, be consistent and build a foundation. You can’t build upwards with a solid base.

Follow these directions for a stronger and more durable throwing arm: Stretch, Throwing Program, Conditioning, Repeat

For more information on throwing programs, mechanics, pregame and postgame pitching programs, or any other baseball comments, questions or concerns, drop us a note in the comment section and we will get right back to you.


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