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5 Tools That Play Baseball

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5 Tools That Play Baseball

We have all heard about the rarity of a 5 tool player.  Scouts spend countless hours scouring the globe for that diamond in the rough.  Below is a list of players that fall 4 tools short but none the less, bring their tool to every single game.


Skinny Tool

This guy is dangly, can’t gain weight no matter how many shakes he drinks or weights he lifts.  His muscle tone doesn’t exist but for some reason has a cannon of an arm and has sneaky pop in his swing.  Looks like he is wearing slacks, not baseball pants.


Chubby Tool

This guy is the complete opposite of skinny tool.  If he looks at a donut, he gains 5 lbs.  Always on the verge of a sweating for no reason.  He is blessed with a country strong arm and when he throws the ball it feels like you’re catching a bowling ball.  Never a uniform in his size.


Overly Fit Tool

This guy spends all his time in the gym, training room, and the mirror.  His locker looks like a GNC mini bar.  The extra muscle doesn’t do much for his baseball skills though.  He is most likely a fast runner, with a weak throwing arm and struggles to make contact.  He makes sure his uniform is pristine before stepping on the field.


Short Tool

This guy just doesn’t look like a baseball player but gets the job done.  There’s nothing fancy about him other than his 6’4 attitude trapped in a 5’4 body.  His scrappiness and “I’m bigger than I look” attitude somehow gives him sneaky pop when he needs it and a cannon on command.  His uniform is always oversized so he’s likely to opt for the pants up look.


Dad Tool

This guy has the mental makeup of a Jedi.  He carries himself like he’s been around the game since its inaugural season.  He is often mistaken for a coach and is as steady and consistent as they come on the field.  No real pop in his bat, not a great arm, not great speed but is always ahead of the game. Think Crash Davis.  Wears his uniform like it’s the 80’s.


Mike Trout is a combination of all 5 of these tools and that is what makes him a 5 tool player.


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