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5 Things For Pitchers To Consider Next Time On The Bump.

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1. Throw your fastball until the hitter shows you that you have to throw something else.  “Ride it until she bucks you”

2.  Your fastball is more than just one pitch. Throw it inside, outside, elevate it, slow it down (yes I said that), and speed it up.

3.  Hitters are hitters.  It doesn’t matter what level you play, they will swing at bad pitches.  Bottom line, never give a hitter too much credit.

4. Shoot for consistency not nastiness.  Anyone can throw a dirty pitch every once in a while.  Pitching is all about repeating.  Pitching is all about repeating.

5.  When you step off the mound and ask the umpire for a new ball, make sure the hitter watches you lob the ball to your catcher.  His eyes will track the toss and you will be slowing his eyes down. #freechangeup

Bonus – Act like every pitch is going right where you want it to.  Fake it until you make it!


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