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5 Reasons You Should Be Getting Private Baseball Instruction

We all go into youth sports hoping for the best experience for our children.  We want them to learn the value of teamwork, sacrifice, and being part of something bigger than themselves.  Sometimes players have a natural knack for a sport and thrive immediately.  Others might require special attention to detail and extra practice just to stay competitive.  No matter the skill level a player has, there is always room for improvement. This is where baseball instructors can be very beneficial to a player.  Whether you’re looking to nail down some fundamentals or just trying to fine tune before a big game.  But before you start your first lesson, make sure you are going for the right reasons…


Reasons you should hire a professional instructor


  1. To build confidence
  2. To understand fundamentals
  3. To help avoid injury
  4. To learn the game
  5. To see Hope


The last reason is an unwritten responsibility of every instructor and in my opinion the most important reason to get professional instruction.  I want every kid to know that if I can make to the Big Leagues, so can they.  Every player should walk away from a lesson feeling better about himself than when he showed up.  This doesn’t mean you give him unwarranted praise and just make the entire lesson warm and fuzzy.  It means you bring up the areas that need to be adjusted and you make him feel confident in your game plan to get him where he needs to go.  It means, as an instructor you share your struggles and triumphs with him, you share your disappointments and failures. You make him feel like you’re right there in his shoes with him.  Baseball players naturally have a desire to stand out and move up – a smoldering fire within.  It is our jobs as instructors to stoke that fire, fan that fire, and give them hope.

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