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Some of our fondest memories are made with a ball, glove, and our parents. As player development gets more serious and specialized, it doesn’t have to change the experience that we can have with our kids.   BaseballMinded.Com provides professional level programs for parents to teach and share with their children.      


My Name is Jimmy Serrano, I am a former MLB pitcher and currently a private baseball instructor.   Some of the best baseball memories that I have are from my childhood and the time I spent practicing with my dad.  I created BaseballMindind.Com with the vision of providing parents top level instructional programs to learn and share with their sons.  These programs are for the parents that want to be a part of their sons baseball experience while creating great lasting memories.   Parents that want to make sure they’re teaching, saying and showing the most benefecial things for development.  Specialized training in youth sports has become an expensive and time consuming activity in recent years.   Private instruction is a great tool for development but can sometimes cut into our opportunities to experience baseball with our sons.  With the BaseballMinded.Com programs you will “Save Money & Spend Time.”